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Traveling is relatively expensive, no matter what your budget. I try whenever I can to save money, wherever I can. The biggest expenses: room and board. That is, food and a place to sleep. Here are some tips on how to avoid paying outrageous prices for either.

If you plan on very short trips to major cities (for example, if you plan on spending two nights in Paris), hostels are a much cheaper option than hotels. You will usually share a room and bathroom with fellow travelers, but you will always have your own bed. Plus you often receive free WiFi connection and breakfast in the mornings. Hostelworld.com is a great, easy to use website for finding good deals on hostels in nearly every country. In my experience, beds typically cost 10 to 30 dollars per night.

Now, a couple of alternatives for the braver of heart…

Ever heard of CourchSurfing.org? Basically, you sign up online and wherever you travel, you stay at the home of a local for free. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn about the culture of the place where you are visiting. You can choose to stay only with people who have had background checks and/or have reviews from other travelers who have stayed with them previously. I haven’t used this website, but I have friends who have had great experiences with it!

Are you willing to work five or six hours a day in return for room and board, probably on a farm outside of a major city, and do this in the same place for at least a week or longer? (It’s a lot more fun than it sounds, trust me.) If yes, there are many opportunities to travel doing this, and to do it very cheaply. Here are some websites I have used that are very helpful. I don’t deny the existence of similar sites that are just as good or better. These are just the ones that I have personally used and liked.




Do you know of any other websites like the ones I’ve listed? How do you save money when you travel?

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